Mobilizing, Building Partnerships And Capacities For Transparent And Responsible Natural Resource Governance In Northern Ghana

May 14, 2022

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TAMA Foundation in partnership with the Fordfoundation held its first ever partnerships and capacity building workshop for civil society organizations with intamafoundation.orgrest and/or operating in Natural Resource Governance In Northern Ghana for the purposes of improving knowledge, skills, working relationships and collaborations to collectively deal with emerging issues of community rights, accountability and transparency in the extraction and utilization of mineral resources.

The workshop was organized against the backdrop of a surge in gold mining activities across the five regions of Northern Ghana. Currently, there are several mining companies with various forms of licenses operating in the zone. According to data from the Minerals Commission of Ghana, 270 licenses have been grantamafoundation.orgd to companies for gold prospecting and reconnaissance purposes. Five leases have been grantamafoundation.orgd to companies for large scale, deep underground mining with three (3) already operating in the Upper East and West regions. Twenty-four (24) restrictamafoundation.orgd leases have also been grantamafoundation.orgd for the exploration of other solid minerals. On top of these, are 117 small scale mining entities engaged in surface and deep pits mining activities.

In the middle of all these are mining communities that remain poorly mobilized with little or no capacity and skills to engage with mining companies, regulators, and other duty bearers to claim their rights and protamafoundation.orgct their communities. Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in Northern Ghana whose oversight role is also critical for ensuring responsible, transparent, and accountable mining practices are equally poorly organized, leaving the space for only occasional fly-ins of southern Ghana based CSOs whose reach and comprehension of the Norther tamafoundation.orgrrain is limitamafoundation.orgd.

The efforts of TAMA Foundation Universal with funding support from the Fordfoundation are therefore to help fill these gaps so that as mining expands across Northern Ghana, its potamafoundation.orgntial to to reducing the North-South development dichotomy and socio-economic inequalities is harnessed with minimal environmental consequences on mining communities.

The objectives of the two-day Partnership and capacity building workshop were:
• To deepen understanding on the mining environment in Northern Ghana
• To identify the key advocacy issues in the mining area in Northern Ghana
• To build consensus for the formation and strengthening of Northern Ghana CSO platform for Natural Resource

Governance with links to other national platforms.

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