TAMA Foundation Universal - Empowering Communities through Advocacy for Human Rights in Northern Ghana's Mining Regions

May 16, 2024
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The Northern Regions of Ghana hold immense mineral wealth, yet the region relies heavily on rain-fed agriculture, making it vulnerable to climate change-induced events. In the past two decades, mining investments have surged, bringing economic challenges, environmental destruction, human rights abuse, and conflicts with local communities.

Recognizing the need for change, TAMA Foundation Universal with funding support from Ford Foundation joined forces in 2021 with the Northern Ghana Natural Resource Accountability in Northern Ghana (NaRAING) Project. This project’s focus is to empower local communities to fight for their rights and hold the mining industry accountable.

Fifty Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) were trained in mining and environmental laws, forming what is now known as the Northern Ghana CSOs in Natural Resource Governance Network. This platform fostered knowledge sharing and collective action, amplifying the voices of the marginalized.

Stretching the project beyond training and working hand in hand with communities, the project facilitated the formation of 100 paralegal activists in seven mining districts who subsequently received training from the Centre for Public Interest Law
(CEPIL). These dedicated individuals formed 30 Community Action Groups (CAGs), acting as crucial watchdogs, monitoring and reporting environmental violations, human rights abuses, and non-compliance with local content laws and community development plans.

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The impact of these initiatives is already evident:

Talensi District (July 2023): A CAG’s vigilance led to an autopsy on a deceased mine worker, ensuring proper investigation and potential compensation for the family. This incident serves as a reminder of the importance of safety standards and accountability.

Upper East Region (February 2023): A local NGO trained by TAMA Foundation successfully petitioned the Commission of Human Rights and
Administrative Justice (CHRAJ)­ to investigate corruption involving local officials and a traditional leader. This demonstrates the growing power of community voices in tackling injustice.

TAMA Foundation Universal interventions have been instrumental in promoting environmental and economic justice in Northern Ghana’s fragile mining communities. By empowering CSOs, forming CAGs, and ensuring accountability, these initiatives strive to protect the rights of local communities and uphold sustainable natural resource governance.

Source: Ford Foundation West Africa Newsletter 2023.

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