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TAMA Foundation Universal with funding support from Ford Foundation joined forces in 2021 with the Northern Ghana Natural Resource Accountability in Northern Ghana (NaRAING) Project. This project’s focus is to empower local communities to fight for their rights and hold the mining industry accountable

Urgent Reclamation

March 20, 2024 by TAMA Foundation

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Tama Foundation Universal, an extractive-centred CSO, working in Northern Ghana, has called for the urgent need to restore vegetation at degraded mining sites in the north.

Natural Resource

March 20, 2024 by TAMA Foundation

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TAMA Foundation Universal, an NGO, has organised a forum on natural resource governance in northern Ghana with the aim to
address the salient issues of mining activities and resource conflicts in the northern belt of the country.

Test on White Volta

March 20, 2024 by TAMA Foundation

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Tests conducted on the White Volta River that stretches through Northern Ghana and empties into the Volta Lake have revealed high levels of dangerous heavy metals due to illegal mining and sand winning activities along its banks.

Galamsay Impact

November 28, 2023 by TAMA Foundation

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The scars and devastating impact of illegal mining activities, popularly known as galamsey, are staring in the faces of residents of mining communities in the northern part of the country..

Paralegal traning

October 16, 2023 by TAMA Foundation

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Executive Director Center for Public Interest Law (CEPIL) Lawyer. Augustine Niber has taken a group of Civil Society and Community based Organizations and individuals from the 5 regions of the north through extensive legal training on mining laws, regulations, and policies.

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Our Work

Narural Resource Governance and Integrating the Fulani in Ghana

The Fulani population (Peul in French and Fula in Portuguese) remains the largest nomadic pastoralist group in the world. They are an ethnic group of people spread over many countries, predominantly in West Africa, but found also in Central Africa and Sudan in North Eastern Africa. ...

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Non-Violent and Peaceful Approaches to Fulani Presence in Ghana

The Fulani ethnic group in Ghana, falls within the category of socially excluded groups. The various post-colonial governments have always considered them as “non-Ghanaians”, “foreigners” or “aliens”. This is in spite of the fact that the Fulanis have been living in Ghana for nearly a century (Tonah, 2003). ...

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TAMA Foundation and the Pwalugu Multi-Purpose Dam in Ghana

News that Cabinet has given approval to the financing and construction of the Pwalugu Multipurpose Dam (PMD) is ground-breaking and Government should be commended for this bold step. When fully implemented, the PMD will be the largest irrigation infrastructure not only in Ghana but ...

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TAMA Foundation reflections on Inequality in Ghana

Conversations at social gatherings almost always end with the concern that our society has become sharply divided, intolerant and polarized especially around the two dominant parties and individuals who lead them. Discourse is largely uncivil. Vitriol has replaced logical arguments and opposing views take the form ...

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TAMA Foundation reflections on Oxfam, SEND, GAC report on Inequality

As you know this report follows two other equally seminal reports that address poverty and inequality in Ghana – the GLSS 7 report (GSS) and the Northern Ghana Human Development Report (UNDP). The GLSS report updates the state of poverty and inequality and makes a grim reading. ...

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Why the Pwalugu Dam will fundamentally change Ghana’s fortunes

Lying on the White Volta, the PMD is about 15 km north-east of the Pwalugu bridge that separatesthe Northern from the Upper-East region and is approximately 20km to Bolgatanga, and an equal distance to Walewale. It is “multipurpose” because it would deliver more than one benefit: ...

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TAMA Foundation Universal – Empowering Communities through Advocacy for Human Rights in Northern Ghana’s…

May 16, 20243 min read

Source: Ford Foundation West Africa Newsletter 2023             The Northern Regions of Ghana hold immense mineral…

Northern Ghana resource conflicts could spark violence — Study

Apr 4, 20243 min read

Dr Hamza Issifu, a Senior Lecturer at the Faculty of Natural Resource and Environment, UDS, speaking to the media    …

‘Let’s minimize the harm and optimize benefits of mining in northern Ghana’- TAMA Foundation

Mar 28, 20245 min read

            The Board Chairman of TAMA Foundation Universal, a Policy Research and Advocacy organization, Mr Charles Abugre, has asked stakeholders in the…

Largest water body in Northern Ghana under heavy pollution-research reveals

Mar 22, 20246 min read

                A Water Quality Assessment conducted on the largest water body in Northern Ghana, the White Volta has…

Voices from the Mining Communities

Lost of livelihoods for women

“ I don’t know what to do. I use to pick shea nuts, process them into butter sell and take...

Transparency question

“ We are grateful to you for resurrecting the discussions on mining in our district. We have given up the...

Lost of lives

“ We the youth are in great pain. Shanxi Mining Co( Earl International) through unannounced blasting in our community killed...


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