Forum on natural resource governance held in Tamale.

March 20, 2024
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TAMA Foundation Universal, an NGO, has organised a forum on natural resource governance in northern Ghana with the aim to
address the salient issues of mining activities and resource conflicts in the northern belt of the country.

The day’s event, held in Tamale, under the theme: “Building Resilient Communities through the Sustainable Management of Natural Resources”, was funded by the Ford Foundation.

Participants included representatives of public institutions including the security agencies, Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies,
NGOs amongst others.







Dr Chrys Anab, Executive Director, TAMA Foundation Universal, speaking at the forum, expressed worry about the environmental challenges in the area because of mining activities.

Speaking to the media, Dr Anab said the foundation is worried about the environmental challenges, especially how mineral resources generate confusion in communities.

Dr Anab said “Mining has really become a critical economic activity in northern Ghana. There are so many large size companies operating in this area. There are also registered small scale mining companies and illegal mining entities also there.”

He said “We do know that mining can potentially create jobs and improve the economic livelihoods of people, but we are getting worried about some of the environmental challenges and how this mining and the natural resources are creating conflicts amongst community members, mining companies and local chiefs. This is creating a lot of instability in northern Ghana, which we really do not want.”

He called on duty-bearers to take keen interest in the situation because it was seriously polluting water bodies in the area.







Dr Hamza Issifu, a Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Natural Resources and Environment, University for Development Studies, said mining companies should properly engage community members to avoid misunderstanding as part of measures in curbing natural resource conflicts.

Dr Issifu said “The leadership within every community, Assembly Members, Chiefs should be very transparent with their people. If a company makes a donation of any kind or promises to undertake a project in the community, it should be made known to the people. Once that transparency is there, I am sure that the community will not be so dissatisfied to the extent of attacking companies and destroying their equipment.”

He urged community members to use dialogue in getting their grievances resolved instead of taking the law into their hands.






Madam Zita Naangmenyale Abuntori, a Research Scientist at the Water Research Institute, said the pollution of the white Volta, stating that,
the lake contained mercury above the World Health Organization’s guide, attributing the situation to activities of galamsey oprerators.

She said, “We are recommending that TAMA Foundation Universal should continue with research, especially with a major follow up on regular
monitoring of the White Volta since it was the major water source in northern Ghana.”

She also called for regular community education on the dangers of illegal mining around water bodies.

By Ibrahim Nurudeen, GNA.

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